Kitchen Interior Designer London

IDL creates ideal kitchen interior designs that work for you and your family, whether you're making a quick coffee on the go or preparing a full-fledged feast for 14. We design creative kitchen spaces that offer sophistication and warmth while maintaining a high level of practicality and utility. We create everything with you in mind. At IDL, we take pride in going above and beyond for each and every one of our customers to guarantee that their kitchen is ideal in every aspect. Quality is never compromised in our kitchens, and no detail is overlooked. We constantly work directly with customers at every level of the process, so you can be confident that if you choose IDL, the interior of your kitchen will be totally customized to your specific likes and requirements.

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Kitchen Interior Design & Installer London

We like to think that in our mission to design and install the best kitchen, we leave no stone unturned.

With IDL you are in safe hands, from our skilled kitchen design team who will guide and assist you through the process of designing your perfect kitchen to our devoted team of installers who all work solely for IDL.

From the first conversation with a kitchen interior designer to the final installation, you can expect meticulous attention to detail, timeless flair, and the most functional kitchen designs. A fitted kitchen from IDL is a long-term investment.

IDL is London-based, whether you wish to come and visit our office or for us to come to you, we have designers and installers ready to assess and meet your kitchen interior design.

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Luxury Kitchen Designers London

At IDL, we strive to provide our clients with one-of-a-kind, beautiful, luxury kitchen designs. Our kitchen designers will be able to plan the best kitchen for you, regardless of your space, from small kitchens to luxury kitchen fit-outs.

We recognize that each new kitchen installation is unique, so we take the time to learn precisely what you want and focus our efforts on delivering exactly what you want: modern or traditional, urban, suburban, or rural, we are here to help you realize your kitchen dreams.

We are ideally located to service clients all across London, with our gorgeous showroom in the heart of Bayswater. IDL fully understands modern, sophisticated urban living just as much as suburban family homes.

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Bespoke Kitchen Designs

We design, construct and install bespoke kitchens for our clients at IDL. We take great delight in every kitchen's interior design, and we guarantee that the process of designing your dream kitchen will be enjoyable from beginning to end.

IDL prides itself on its personable approach to designing a unique bespoke design for our clients, providing the best advice for your specific circumstances and needs. Working with a trusted and creative team can help you to exceed your expectations.

We produce bespoke beautiful kitchens using materials such as Oak, Walnut, Pine, and Tulipwood. Traditional, Classic, and Modern shaker kitchens, as well as the latest design trends of Contemporary In-frame Slab, High-Gloss Acrylic, and Exotic Wood Veneer kitchens, are all available. IDL has a unique selection of stunning materials, and when combined with our design ideas, you will have the luxury kitchen of your dreams.

We work throughout Greater London, and the Home Counties, as well as further afield for valued clients upon request.


Kitchen Tiles

IDL considers it critical to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality when choosing both kitchen floor and wall tiles. Understanding the look and the practicality and personality of the client is key when considering your movements and moods on a daily basis, and how much abuse will the floor take? You should also think about where your kitchen is in your house, as well as other factors like dogs and children because all of these factors will affect how your floor is utilized and the foundation you'll need.

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Kitchen Cabinets

At IDL we consider the kitchen cabinet style you want from an aesthetic and practicality sense. Would the sleek lines of a handleless, ultra-modern kitchen better fit your contemporary kitchen extension? Although you may appreciate the historic feel of a Shaker kitchen, would the sleek lines of a handleless, ultra-modern kitchen better fit your contemporary kitchen needs? Is it possible that a curved kitchen would be a far better fit for the size and shape of your little kitchen? How do the cabinet handles and knobs blend in with the rest of your home's decor?

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Kitchen Worktops

IDL understands that a new worktop can give your kitchen a whole new lease of life. IDL has experience and knowledge in providing beautiful kitchen worktops in durable and stylish materials such as granite, composite, quartz, and marble. Our kitchen interior designers will help you to understand the various materials so you can make sure that the end product is not just beautiful but practical for your everyday use.

We use a variety of high-quality materials from manufacturers who are known for their styling and durability.

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Kitchen Storage

As well as having kitchen storage that fits your kitchen, IDL will work with you to understand the requirements for that storage. Deep drawers for china, serving dishes, and cookware are needs that our design team would help you realize. Creating sizable storage when designing small kitchens is important and we can assist you in maximizing this, IDL pays close attention to these details.

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Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is so important to the overall mood aesthetics and should be designed early on, either during the extension design stage or while you're considering your kitchen layout. 

 The style of the lighting fixtures is essential but just as important of a factor is to be able to create ambient lighting, dimmable options, and elegant pendants: your kitchen should not only function but also look lovely when you're eating or socializing in it.

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Making Your Kitchen More Sociable 

If you've included a kitchen island in your design, have you considered seating options? Is your home large enough for yours, or would a breakfast bar suffice? Are your bar stools or dining chairs enticing enough for guests to stay for a while? At IDL we astonish our clients by how we create sociable and friendly designs that turn your kitchen into a more focal point for getting together with family and friends.

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Give Your Kitchen Your Personality

Choosing kitchen wall paint colours, constructing a gallery wall, and selecting appealing kitchen wallpaper are all things that IDL will assist you within your kitchen design. There are a lot of elements that deserve considerable thought such as the best window coverings and kitchen flooring. IDL will help you with the tiniest yet most important detailing, such as allowing space for family photos to make the kitchen as homely and familiar as possible.

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Kitchen Space Layout

At IDL we know that there are several items to consider, and we work our clients through a process to help them understand the key elements of the space layout.

Our team work with you to come up with ideas for a kitchen assortment of the various products you would typically have in your kitchen, and organize them in the most functional manner possible. Cereals and bowls for breakfast, for example, should be kept near the breakfast table or kitchen island. Plate storage and the bin should be as close as possible to the dishwasher, which should ideally be next to the sink. Breadboard and bread storage near the toaster; cups near the teapot or boiling water tap. While these elements seem like mundane considerations its all part of creating a functional space for everyday use

'If you're going to put your stove on an island, you should also install a prep sink there so you don't have to carry pans of boiling water across the main kitchen highway to get to the main sink.' When more than one person is working in the kitchen at the same time, adding a prep sink helps to separate the space into several zones.’

IDL will consult with you to come to important conclusions on questions such as is there enough kitchen space between the cabinetry runs? Are you looking to build a galley kitchen? We plan every little detail right down to the space between cooking zones.

IDL focuses also on the flow between rooms because all kitchens are connected to other rooms and often overlook a garden. If you're building an open plan kitchen, dining, and living space, or a family kitchen, the kitchen layout should ideally appear to naturally flow through, but make sure that the cooking zone is not the room's main thoroughfare. 

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Gallery Kitchen

The galley kitchen consists of two rows of cabinets facing one other, forming an inner passage or galley between them, with the usage of cabinets being particularly efficient. By eliminating the need for corner cupboards, this arrangement makes the most of every centimeter of available space. Because of the simple design, there are fewer specific gadgets required, making this a cost-effective solution.


One Wall Kitchen

This straightforward design, which is common in smaller kitchens, conserves space without losing functionality. To give a clean appearance, the One Wall Kitchen, which comprises of cabinets constructed against a single wall, can include higher and lower cabinets or shelving over base cabinets.


L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is a design that features cabinets on two perpendicular walls and is suitable for both small and large kitchens. Although the L-shaped kitchen's open-plan design allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of appliance placement and work zones, the corner requires some creative cabinetry solutions to make it work. While the L's legs can be as long as your space allows, it's best to keep them at 4.5m for convenience of use.


U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen, which includes cabinetry on three adjacent walls, is a great option for bigger kitchens. This layout provides a lot of storage, but the higher cabinets on all three walls can make it feel cramped. To avoid this, install top cabinets on only one or two walls, leaving the remaining walls open shelves, focal tiles, or a hob hood. The U-shaped kitchen allows for efficient workflow and multiple people to use it at the same time.


The Island Kitchen

The island kitchen, which is popular in open-plan homes, features a large work table or storage area in the kitchen's center. On the island, you'll find a cooking surface, a prep bowl, and a bar or wine fridge. It can also serve as a simple prep area or a gathering spot for family meals. While the kitchen must be spacious enough to accommodate an island, its location allows for a natural flow of traffic.


The Peninsula Kitchen

The island kitchen, which is popular in open-plan homes, features a large work table or storage area in the kitchen's center. On the island, you'll find a cooking surface, a prep bowl, and a bar or wine fridge. It can also serve as a simple prep area or a gathering spot for family meals. While the kitchen must be spacious enough to accommodate an island, its location allows for a natural flow of traffic.