Living Room Interior Designer London

IDL recognizes the center of your London home is the living room, sometimes known as the lounge. If you only have one living room, it will almost certainly be used for a variety of activities, including watching TV, playing games, spending quality time with family, and socializing with friends. 

If you have two living rooms, the formal living room, also known as the lounge room, is used for reading, relaxing, and entertaining. A good living room design is appealing, has enough seating for the whole family (including a comfortable couch), and encourages conversation. Discover how IDL can assist you in creating a welcoming living space that your family and friends will enjoy time and time again.

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Inspirational Interior Design For Living Rooms

Because life is for the living room, it's time to turn your living room into a place that truly reflects your personality. You can count on IDL’s ability to help you pick the best colour schemes, tasteful wallpapers, and even tiles. IDL is your perfect partner for inspiration for your next big renovation, with design ideas and products that are second to none in quality and style.

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Luxury Living Room Design London

It's time to transform your London living room into a space that truly expresses your individuality. We have all the inspiration you need, whether it's for colourful paint, bold wallpapers, or even tiles (which aren't just for the bathroom and kitchen!).

Maybe you're looking for a more tonal source of inspiration. There's a lot of pared-back magic on display here, all of which will instantly enhance a minimalist living area.

IDL is here to offer you inspiring ideas for your next big revamp with living rooms created by our highly experienced designers. If you need some help getting started, contact IDL's customer service today.

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Bespoke Living Room Designs

A bespoke and unique London living room is a wonderful addition to any home. When it is deliberately created to accommodate each individual's needs, it is a terrific place to socialize and provides your visitors with an insight into your personality. 

IDL can assist you in choosing living room interior design materials that suit your taste and getting inspiration from a variety of resources to establish the style and spacing you seek. Our creative team will help you choose wisely, as the various pieces of bespoke furniture in your living room will almost always have the largest impact on the area's functionality and attractiveness.


Seating Arrangement

Regardless of how big or little your London living room is, the sitting area is the most important because it is the best place to assemble and entertain family and friends. Selecting a mix of chairs, sofas, and loveseats and playing with arrangement might result in a professional layout.

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Fabric & Materials

Bespoke fabrics and materials give you complete control over the overall style of your London living room, by allowing you to choose the type of material and fabric that will be used to manufacture the furniture and chairs. You have a wealth of options to choose from if you want one-of-a-kind furniture created with your concept in mind.

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The first step in planning the layout of a London living room is to take precise measurements to ensure that the furniture can be fit into the room adequately. Any bespoke or unique items must be accommodated by taking into account the size of the living space as well as its internal dimensions. When measuring the table's height, depth, and width, overhangs, angles, outward curves, and arms are all taken into account. Ensuring that you have maximized the floor space in your London home is an important part of this phase.

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Many of our London customers find it problematic to describe and define their particular interior design style due to a lack of understanding of terminology. With so many different design styles to choose from, it might be difficult to know which one is be going to be the perfect fit for your London home. Some people choose to mix and match components from several designs to achieve their perfect look.

IDL will go through a comprehensive consultation with you, to help you learn a little about each of the styles and how they differ from one another. Looking at the style you want is one of our first considerations.

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Whether you choose bespoke furniture or not, so much of the look of your living room design is expressed through these items, they must complement their surroundings. When it comes to bespoke furniture it is defined by the integration of numerous elements, and the flexibility to customize each piece of furniture to meet specific needs.

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The living room is typically the biggest room in most London homes, and it serves as a hub of social activity as much in the day as the evening. It's more involved than simply dimming an overhead light and calling it a day to make sure your London living room is appropriately and tastefully illuminated for entertaining, relaxing, reading, or watching movies. Living room interior design is so important because it is the social core of your home and the place your visitors see most.

IDL is here to assist you in generating equilibrium and a pleasant mood for all, a well-lit living room should ideally have tiered lighting for complete illumination throughout. Chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting, and even candlelight can be used to illuminate the room for various atmospheres and purposes. 

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We work with clients to help them make the decision on attractive and practical storage solutions that will make their London living room look truly unique. IDL works with many furniture suppliers that provide built-in storage to reduce clutter, allowing more space for your London living room and giving a more minimalist feel. IDL offers many possibilities for custom cabinets, bookshelves, and shelf tops for keepsakes, ornaments, and photographs.

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Even though to many people a rug may seem like a minor detail, it can be an important part to creating an intimate and cozy London home. IDL works with many premium rug suppliers, as well as bespoke manufacturers to ensure we can produce the perfect rug that speaks to your personality and is practical all year round. We work with you, right down to the smallest details such as positioning in your living room.

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Spaces and lines must be considered when creating a modern living room. A modern London living room should make the most of available space by allowing every part of the room to breathe, including the furniture, attractive artwork, and so on. Glass, glossy stone, finished wood, and other similar materials should be used to make the furniture look clean and polished. Modern living room designs include futuristic or abstract appearing lighting, fake or ceiling lights, everything carefully placed in order, subdued hues, minimal patterns, and so on.



Because it requires less maintenance and creates a clean and tidy appearance, the minimalistic style is an excellent choice for modern London households.
To get this effect, keep everything to a bare minimum, from your furniture to artwork and other collectibles. Muted tones should be used for the upholstery, artwork, wall paint, ceiling, and flooring. To offer your personal touch, use hints of decor such as a differently shaped chair/table, plants, plain glass objects, and so on.



This style is perfect for bringing variety and a mix of colours and patterns into a living space. The contemporary style includes elements of modern and trending styles in furniture, lighting, other decor items, upholstery, and other objects. Colored glass bottles, fairy lights, and stripes, for example, are all modern interior design trends. The idea is to use artwork, patterns, textures, and colours to create a rich, sophisticated, and clutter-free environment. While it is important to create a diverse range of colours, there should be some consideration as to how tasteful it is when being too broad.



A London eclectic living room design should exude a free-spirited, bohemian, cultivated, and artistic attitude. The best thing about eclectic living room styles is that it doesn't have any rules. For example, you can mix and match drapes, sofas, wallpaper, and furniture.
To create a vivid and dynamic living environment, bring out your treasures, one-of-a-kind art pieces, and other items.
When choosing a wall colour, go big with unique and eccentric colours like electric blue, purple, and wine red.



A classic traditional living room does not have to be a dumping ground for undesirable family antiques or flea market finds. IDL provides clever conventional London living room design for a full and timeless look that will never go out of style, and you will never worry about feeling tired. With the appropriate touches and accents, traditional living room designs can fit into any area. Adding more timeless aspects to a room will help it avoid feeling too trendy or of the moment, ensuring that it remains looking put together long after the newest fads have long passed. 



Consider the eras of the 1950s and 1960s, which were visually stunning.
Your local royal ancestry or the rich European culture may serve as sources of inspiration. Heavy drapes, expensive materials such as silk, satin, or velvet, and high-end furniture such as chandeliers, porcelain sculptures, tassels in your curtain, ruffles, or lace in your upholstery, and classical art on your walls are all good choices. To make a retro London living room, use colours like beige, light brown, off-white, golden, silver, and so on. To add to the ancient appeal of the property, collect passed down items of decor, family history objects, and black and white images of your great forefathers.